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Weather Forecast For Houlton Maine * Aroostook County!

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Weather Forecast For Houlton Maine * Aroostook County!
Directions To The Millar Civic Center in Houlton Maine!
Worth The Trip!


The trip to the Millar Civic Center in Houlton!


What's the weather like on the game in Houlton we have to travel to? Click here to find out the latest forcast.

Be sure to dress appropriately for games, and remember that no matter the weather forecast, always show up unless you hear otherwise!  The Millar Civic Center is new. It has handicap access, elevators to a picture wall of window warming room and a well stocked snack shack.  Plenty of parking and seating (or standing if you're a real hockey fan)!

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Maine Means 4 Seasons, Lighthouses, Potatoes, Blueberries, Lobsters, Skiing, Baxter State Park, Mt Cadillac At Sunrise, Bar Harbor And Walker Compound At Kennebunkport.

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